My Name Is Berkley.

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 11.24.14 PMI like Mexican food, elephants, and traveling the world. I grew up with many homes, but I consider Alaska to be where the “X” marks the spot. Kodiak Island, with the world’s largest Coast Guard Base and the world’s largest bears. My father is a very well known Postmaster and blogger of “Alaska2PR” and my mother a wonderful stay at home mom. Most still reside in sunny Rincon, Puerto Rico, also known as the surfing capital of the island. While they enjoy margaritas and sandy toes, I moved my little family to Tennessee to start a life of our own. I started a Marketing Business when I was three months pregnant to sustain being at home with my kids. While I continue to work on it, I am venturing out with my two beautiful babies to fulfill dreams I once had. Before my little life-changers, I was backpacking Europe solo and within a three month period, I had been to eight different countries and had endured two terrorist threats. I almost didn’t come home… I loved it that much. (not the threats lol) Currently, i’m writing from the comfort of my bed, as a mom of twins. I created this blog to share my experiences with others and try to bring life’s magical adventures to light.

​SO, I’ve been making some big decisions in my life lately…and I’d like to share my story.