Back On That Bandwagon

Soooooo, It’s been a minute since I’ve last broadcasted my life on social media.
I’d like to say life gets a bit crazy sometimes but I feel like that tends to be a trend throughout all of our daily lives. I recently tried this thing where I attempted working in the real world while trying to raise my twins who are growing faster than a minute goes by on a clock, but not only could my heart not take being away from their smiling faces, juggling childcare and finances got a little messy in the process. So here I am, trying to salvage what I have left of a business and blog… while I sit relaxed, contemplating what my next move will be, with of course, a margarita in hand. ​
I always saw my life being something others dreamed about. Living on coastlines, partying with movie stars, traveling off to places people don’t even know exist, watching my kids play in the sands of the world and then bombarding people with the experiences all over the internet…but life has gotten quite slow lately and i’ve learned to slow my own pace down in the process. Moving to Tennessee has been an amazing opportunity for me as a 23 year old and as a mother. I’ve gotten to meet some pretty incredible people that reside in this well kept secret of a state and whether they know it or not…They gave me glimpses of the girl I used to be and still want to find again. I’ve come to the realization that I can’t be far from the ocean for long periods of time without getting a little stir crazy. (Go figure right?) Home is wherever the waves crash blissfully on the shore, while sunsets slowly kiss the horizon….this is what I know. I mean, I grew up with a house right on the rocky beaches of Alaska.

Chernyaev and Kersch family reunited on our beach in Kodiak, Alaska

Recently I was reminded how “whimsical” I am because I’ll make impulsive decisions and then go and completely change whatever it is im doing or planning. Watching the twins grow and learn has reminded me that I don’t have much time to do all of the things I still need to do, gawd they were such a gift to my life in so many ways. I was looking back on photos from college, my life when i first moved to Puerto Rico…up to the day I finally met my two little monsters. I am not the same Berkley I used to be. I’ve turned into this person that has learned patiences, knows the meaning of sleep, has a heart that beats endlessly for two souls that can stomp on it daily, and successfully still manages to stay positive through every hardship that is forcefully shoved my way. I guess im kinda proud of myself in that sense. (not to toot my own horn) BUT, I’ve been trying to play it safe and not make any decisions that could effect my little family and honestly…I’m tired of it. I’m ready for extreme again and adventure. Im determined to figure out how to do it all.

​So here are the facts:
Still child support-less.
Still hustling to put money away for my kids college (which they will attend)
Applied to college multiple times without success…but i think it’s more of a sign that it’s not something i actually want.
Quit my job as PAM for a TV station
Marketing Business is on hold since the hurricanes

and here I am…researching Thailand again… In the mists of all of that. Still thinking, maybe this is what we need. I’ll have it all and i know some of you (or most) know i’ll do it regardless of what i’m told. Daddy always told me to never take no for an answer. (; Thailand is a place I’ve always wanted to run off too. Rent is cheap, activities are cheaper, foods unbelievably amazing…and of course, there are elephants. Couldn’t be any better right?
But, okay…I know what you’re thinking as you roll your eyes saying… “Ohhhhh Berkley”. So, if I must stay a little rash in the process i’ll have you all know I am looking at coastlines across the US as well. I don’t know where we will end up or what our next jump will be but I do know it’s time for change. I think we are all ready for something more exciting and lively. Something with lights and secret hideaways that hold so many memories and history…
So this is my call out to all of you who take your time to read my silly posts,
Throw out any crazy idea you can think up, any place we should consider, and random plot twists. Anything, because right now…We are waiting and ready.

It’s time to break out of this popsicle stand. ❤


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