Beginning Something Wonderful


Here I am, in a dark room, staring aimlessly at the doctors while they argued about Fetus A and a possible Fetus B. They must be confused because for a brief second the lips on the technician mouthed that I got pregnant at two different times. From the way they were conversing, you’d think they hadn’t ever seen twins before. My mind started to jump, labor twice..not just one alien but two, unidentified father, and one college dropout, travel crazed, 22 year old, and soon to be mom. Cool…I can do this…right? I was counting the styrofoam squares that made up the ceiling…1 box…2 box…3 box, 4. My mind was thinking about all of the possible ways those ugly boxes were made…anything to keep my mind off of the reality of two beating hearts. Laying naked and unbearably cold, the technician continues and I close my eyes. My mind had finally hit that wall of shock. No movement, no response. How do I tell my family? How much do twins cost to raise? How am I going to travel with two little humans? How do I tell the father? I thought I was a whale now…I wonder what carrying twins will look like… Ugh, now is when that college degree would have been nice to have…(wait, scratch that, my parents would be right then) My trance came to a quick halt when I heard my sister, Madison, squealing with excitement. You’d think it she was a four year old running down the stairs christmas morning to see if Santa came. Jumping up and down, teary eyed, she repeated, “I’M GOING TO BE AN AUNTY!” I just stared at her, thinking about how different my life was going to be. Traveling the world, tequila shots at 2 am, the underpaid jobs, and my no shoe only bikini outfits and messy beach hair…It all had to end. Sitting up, I took a deep breathed and with a small grin I said, “…I’m going to be a mom.” Staring at the screen with two little heartbeats, I realized I was okay with leaving it all behind. In the past I lacked ambition for a career because my ambition was busy chasing countries and continents that I had yet to experience. I realized my plans were about to change and the next chapter of my life was about to begin and I was ready for that. While the technician was showing the anatomy of my uterus, I continued to daydream. I wondered what I’d name them… Rylee? Reese? Wyatt? Conrad? I don’t know their genders but it was a fun to think of them. Plus im pretty sure I read something somewhere that says mothers having an “instinct” and know the genders before being told…so for now, I’ll go with that. The doctor had told me the exam was done and we were free to go, so while my sister finished my paperwork, I ran to start the car. The ride home consisted of a conversation on what I would do now…My mind was set on becoming a mom and the excitement was growing. But the next question that arose was, “How are you going to tell the family? And the father?” …If only i knew how I was going to do that.  


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