Sharing Secrets


My name is Berkley and I am a proud mother of 7 month old twins.
Before I start belting out all of the details, let me tell you a little about myself… That way your opinion might be a little more well rounded. I am Alaskan, or I’d like to think of myself as one. I lived all over the U.S. but I spent most of my years on an island in lower Alaska. I am a well taught traveler as generations of my family are addicted to seeing the world. So currently, i’m defrosting in Sunshiney Puerto Rico. I’ve had a history of being a trouble child. They say it’s just who I am… I’m a magnet for chaos. I’ve been shot by a riffle, I’ve been in car crashes that lead to my vehicles going off cliffs, I’ve been in the middle of terrorist threats, I’ve gotten arrested and stayed in ceils with people you’d never hope to meet, I’ve swam with sharks 60 feet below(not on purpose), I have broken a few to many bones and now, I have gotten pregnant and to beat the odds. I am the first in my family to have a set of twins. Shocker right? lol

My childhood shaped me…and so did those crazy college years and adventures through Europe. I sound like someone who might not be well suited for a family of my own. BUT, if there’s one thing my family has taught me, it’s how to accept what is and create something amazing with it. I really started to understand this when I arrived in Paris, France back in 2015. My father had sent me on a trip to discover myself and see the world just as he did 25 years ago. (It was really to get me away from seeing my ex, but we will just save that for later). I was trying to figure out how to get to my AirBNB on the other side of the city. Let me just say, the only transportation Alaskans have are trucks. I have never seen a subway or a train until the moment I landed. I had to figure out how to get on a train, then to a subway, then walk to find my AirBNB and IT WAS ALL IN FRENCH. I was absolutely terrified. I remember wanting to cry staring at a map because I had never used one before. I swore i was going to freeze to death and die of starvation. But guess what? I put my fears aside and I pushed forward because there were plenty of women that have done this before me. A three month backpacking trip that was made to look like a breeze…As fun as that trip was, it was also very lonely at times… I learned a valuable lesson from it though. I could do anything, I just needed to remember to have the confidence in myself to make it happen. So yes, I am a 22 year old, single, twin mother and my life couldn’t be more filled with happiness and love. My parents shaped me into a person that is independent and hard working. So it wasn’t a shock to anyone when I spilled the news. It took me 2 months to tell my family I was pregnant. I told my mother first who cried with tears of joy the moment she heard the word twins and my father second. I think for men to hear their daughter is pregnant and the father isnt around is a really hard thing for them to deal with. Its an instinct they have of protecting and in this situation…it makes them feel useless. So it took him a bit to warm up to the idea. The dynamic in all relationships in your family changes when you have kids. You are now a leader and a provider, not just a damsel in distress.  It’s not easy coming out with the news but the outcome is so much grater than running from it. It took taking my father to an ultra sound for him to let go of the anger and let in the excitement. He came with me on my 4th month ultrasound and witnessed my daughter Rylee, punch my son Wyatt square in the face. lol I swear it was like something you’d see on TV. His reaction with his hands wailing and then the retaliated kick into Rylee’s side. Priceless. That was all my father could talk about, he even sent the video to our relatives. What i’m getting at is “young & single” is frowned upon but that’s slowly changing. Did you know that 80% of births just this year was to single mothers? Can you imagine birthing a child alone with no male support? That number just shows how successful and strong women are. To be able to do something so selfless alone, it takes real courage and confidence. Being a single parents isnt easy, but if you stick it out….It’s sooooo worth it.




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