Two Boricuas​ & One Alaskan


I don’t think anyone is ever really prepared to hear the word Pregnant. Sure, it’s all starting to make sense…the weight you’ve been gaining, those weird foods you’ve been craving, and that mysterious flu you think you caught. Pregnant. You’ve always heard of someone else in this situation but did you ever think you could be there? Nor sitting in a very unsanitary bathroom, staring at a positive pregnancy test? #22andpregnantwithtwins




Just a girl who learned young, hopping on planes allowed me to play like a child and live out the dreams I had when I was one.

As a young girl, I would fall to sleep thinking of all the places and things I wanted to do…And for the past few years I’ve done a decent job of accomplishing that.

After a 3 month solo backpacking trip through Europe, I found out I would no longer have to do it all alone. I am now chasing these dreams with my two beautiful twin children in toe…and what’s even better? I get to experience it all through their eyes!

Where random road trips have taken us so far 🚗💨💨